Mlily Harmony Chill 2.0 Mattress Medium

Mlily Harmony Chill 2.0 Mattress Medium

Introducing our revolutionary Cooling Knit Fabric Cover, designed to enhance your sleep experience with its exceptional breathability and cooling properties. As air flows effortlessly through the fabric, it creates a refreshing sensation, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Crafted with advanced technology, this fabric stays cool to the touch by effectively regulating temperature and dissipating heat away from your body. Experience the ultimate in comfort and coolness with this highly advanced cover. Our Gel AeroFusion™ Memory Foam with PCM Coating takes temperature regulation to the next level. Featuring Phase Changing Material (PCM), this innovative foam can actively release or absorb body heat to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. As your body temperature naturally fluctuates during sleep, this coating ensures optimal temperature balance, promoting uninterrupted deep sleep. Enhance your sleep experience with this additional cooling technology integrated into our specialty foams. Discover the exceptional support and cooling benefits of our Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam. This foam adapts to your micro-pressure points, providing superior support and comfort. With its open cell structure, it effectively promotes air circulation, keeping your bed cooler throughout the night. Infused with naturally antibacterial properties, the bamboo charcoal component further helps reduce moisture and odors, ensuring a clean and fresh sleep environment. Experience the versatility of our Performance Foam. This unique memory foam combines durability, flexibility, and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for mid-section support. It fully supports the more breathable foams above it while allowing them to contour gently to your body, delivering optimal comfort and support. At the foundation of our mattresses lies the reliable Flex Support Base Foam. This high-quality foam is designed to provide essential support for maintaining proper spinal alignment. By offering durability and robust support, it ensures the longevity and stability of the mattress, allowing you to enjoy a restful sleep night after night.



Mlily Harmony Chill 2.0 Mattress Medium

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