Mlily Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress Plush

Mlily Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress Plush

Introducing the Harmony Chill Cooling Knit Fabric Cover, a luxurious fabric that combines softness, functionality, and durability. Experience its irresistibly soft-to-the-touch texture and appreciate its excellent breathability, allowing air to flow effortlessly. The interlaced threads throughout the cover move with your body, reducing bunching and creating natural air gaps for enhanced breathability. Indulge in the perfect harmony of comfort, functionality, and longevity with this exceptional fabric. Experience the innovative Gel AeroFusion™ Memory Foam with PCM Coating, featuring Phase Changing Material (PCM) technology. PCM has the remarkable ability to release or absorb body heat, providing passive temperature regulation as you sleep. As your body temperature naturally decreases to induce sleep and rises to wake you up, this coating ensures optimal thermal balance throughout the night. By incorporating this cooling technology into our specialty foams, we ensure uninterrupted deep sleep for your ultimate comfort. Discover the exceptional benefits of our Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam. This remarkable foam offers superior support by adapting to your micro-pressure points. Its open-cell structure promotes air circulation, effectively maintaining a cooler sleep surface. Infused with naturally antibacterial properties, the bamboo charcoal component naturally reduces moisture and eliminates odors, creating a clean and fresh sleep environment. Introducing our Liquid Gel Flex Foam, the third iteration in our Flex Foam line. This cooling foam enhances breathability with the infusion of liquid cooling gel, swirled into its cellular-like structure. As a more breathable version of our Flex Comfort Foam, it keeps you cooler throughout the night while allowing increased airflow through the foam layers. Our Egg Crate Flex Comfort Foam plays a vital role as part of our base support top layer, particularly in our Hybrid lines. Designed to complement our Individually Pocketed Spring system, this flexible and durable foam provides support from below, allowing the other specialized foams above it to shine. Completing the foundation of our mattresses is the reliable Flex Support Base Foam. Positioned as the bottom layer, this high-grade foam ensures optimal support to maintain spinal alignment. By providing long-lasting durability and sturdy support to the top layers, it allows your muscles to relax rather than compensate, promoting a comfortable sleep experience. Experience the epitome of comfort and support with our meticulously crafted foam layers, designed to elevate your sleep to new heights of relaxation and rejuvenation.



Mlily Harmony Chill 3.0 Mattress Plush

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